Enjoy Top 10 Best Adult Games for Android

Enjoy Top 10 Best Adult Games for Android Users (Online/Offline)

Android smartphones made it possible to access anything you want with apps. The field of entertainment for adults has long filled the Internet. Although Google Play Store offers you a plethora of adult apps for Android, it is hard to choose the best ones. 

adult game for android with a girl on the bed

So, if you are bored with your usual games or apps and want to get new experience while playing on your Android on the go, we are here to give you the top 10 best Android adult free games! These games are widely played among adult people all over the world, and the thrill these apps can offer is indescribable. So, hold tight, we are about to impress you!

#10 Mikandi

Mikandi is an app store that specializes in adult content. With that being said, it has comics, live webcams, HD video, nude pictures, and what’s more important, the best adult games for Android users! 

Being absolutely free, this is one of the best app stores for porn games and apps. And, to experience the best feelings ever, you can use Cardboard or VR content — anything your kinky soul desires. Plus, you don’t need to register, you can simply download it.

The integration of adult stuff in the cartoon theme is probably why this app received so many positive reviews. The developers received good feedback about it, and we hope you’ll enjoy it too! 

One of the most exciting adult games we have found there is BoobRun. A cute girl running through different obstacles and shooting from nothing but her… breasts. Impressive, right? 

#9 Aptoide

Aptoide is the platform where you can find all your favorite Android games and apps collected. And, since everybody is concerned about their data safety, this platform is entirely virus-free! 

Aptoide is extremely popular among the US and European citizens because it contains similar content as listed in the adult websites, plus, it is all available in your Android device completely for free!

#8 Lazeeva

Lazeeva App Store contains anything you can ever imagine, and even more! Videos, Erotic Mobile Games, VR Sex, Interactive Sex Toy Apps, and even Dating/Sex Mobile Platforms — this all can be easily accessible on your phone as soon as you download it on your Android! 

Furthermore, Lazeeva cares about its adult customers; once you set up your account, all your purchases are discreet, safe, and secure. You can even create a 4-digit PIN to prevent anyone from entering your account without permission. All your apps will be stored on a secret shelf and not anywhere else on your Android device. Plus, you can disguise the app icon — see, privacy mode is fully covered!

#7 Dark Arcana: the Carnival

Here is another thriller choice for an adult gamer — a heart-throbbing carnival adventure. You will need to find a missing young mother and bring her back to the town. 

Dark Arcana: the Carnival will teleport you to an imaginary world with many exciting locations and stories. There will be a whole range of bonuses and mini-games, so don’t hesitate to try it, it’s free!

#6 The Room Three

Love puzzles as much as we do? Then we bet we know what you’ll download tonight. With a straightforward design, intriguing puzzles in The Room Three are quite severe. You will need to zoom and rotate to discover hidden clues. It costs only $3.99, but believe us — it’s worth it!

#5 Dirty Game for Couples

If you’re fond of traditional ‘truth or dare,’ this game has everything you need, and it is 100% made for you. With four difficulty levels and over 1,000 hot dares, your evening will gradually go from romantic to an extremely naughty one. So, what are your plans for your beloved one this evening?

#4 Hit It Rich!

This chart wouldn’t be complete without free casino slots. Wizards, Sex and the City, the Terminator, and many more themed slots are opened for all adult players. Price? Free! 

Plus, as soon as you download it, you will be granted 30,000 free coins. And you can claim more from daily bonuses. Now, that’s what we call a rich start!

#3 Texas Hold’em Poker Deluxe

Texas Hold’em Poker Deluxe is an exciting option for adult Android players. And this poker game never gets old! The same feeling as playing real poker, but on your phone, so you can chill and enjoy it. With a superb graphic, you can make a bet completely for free, if your prefer to train in a fun mode. 

You will love this poker not only because of its interface, but because the game helps players to check their strategy abilities. Try it yourself, and tell us about your experience!

#2 Dark Legends

Want to try a horror fun game on your phone? Then go for Dark Legends! It is proved to be in the list of the best Android adult free games! With a horrifying and bloody interface, the game presents a story of scary vampires. 

The highly 3D graphics make the Dark Legends the most played game among the adults. The werewolves, hunters, vampires, demons, and many other scary characters could be available on your phone for free! Plus, you can choose to play with millions of other people, or test a solo mode.

#1 Yesterday

Finally, our number one in today’s chart is Yesterday. The gameplay represents a full package of excitement and thrill, which requires a full player’s attention. The perfect storyline, its mysteries, and graphics are waiting for you for this journey.

The plot is simple yet fascinating. It is about John Yesterday and his two friends, who go for the mission to find psychos who killed the homeless.

GameCostCategory Content Rating 
Dark LegendsFreeRole Playing16+
Texas Hold’em Poker DeluxeFreeCasino12+
Hit It Rich!FreeCasino12+
Dirty Games for CouplesFreeOther16+
The Room Three‎$3.99Puzzle7+
Dark Arcana: the CarnivalFreeAdventure13+
LazeevaFreeAdult Games & Videos App Store17+
AptoideFreeAdult Games & Videos App Store17+
MikandiFreeAdult Games & Videos App Store17+

You May Want to Know…

Where to download adult games for Android?

All adult Android games can be easily found in the Google Play Store. There, using the search bar, you can type the title you are searching for, and easily download or buy it. However, there are games that can be easily downloaded from websites. Choose the option that suits you best!

Where to find adult games for Android?

There are a plethora of adult games for Android. We know how hard it is to find a good one, and that is why we made this list you can see above. However, if you want to find more adult games for Android, do not hesitate to check Google Play Store.

How to run adult games for Android?

You don’t have to be a mathematician to immerse yourself into an Android game. Simply follow these steps:
1.Go to Google Play Store
2.Type in the search bar one of our top 10 games
3.Click on it
4.Download/buy it
5.When the download is completed, click on it

What is the best way to get adult games on Android?

One of the best options to get adult games on your Android device is to download or purchase it. All of the games we’ve mentioned in the article are hassle-free. That is why you don’t have to worry about your data safety!

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